Get clear vision and get rid of the blurry and fuzzy!

Say Goodbye to your reading eyeglasses by not using them, using the Dr C Better eye drops twice a day, taking a daily supplement for your eyes and, if you have not done so, reading Dr Natalie Fiset’s book The Reading Glasses Lie.

Dr Natalie Fiset

Retired after 25 years of medical practice and delivering 3700 babies. She is still doing medical missions. She is the proud mother of four and the author of The Reading Glasses Lie and the creator of Dr C Better’s eye drops for vision after the age of forty

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Dr C Better Eye Drops

Dr C Better Eye Drops
Simply put one eye drop in each eye morning and before going to bed. You will have the choice between getting one bottle or a discounted monthly convenient and discounted supply delivered to your door (you can cancel anytime)

Good-Dr C Better Eye drops one time purchase for 14.95$ (+s&h)


Better-Dr C Better Eye Drops monthly supply for 14.95$  13.95$/month (+s&h)


Best!-Dr C Better Eye drops and supplements monthly supply: 29.90$ 25.95$ /month (+s&h)


Dr C Better Supplement for Eyes

Dr C Better Nutritonal supplement for the aging eye is also available for a one-time purchase or a discounted monthly supply convenientely delivered to your door every month. You will also have the option of getting a monthly supply of Dr C Better eye drops and Dr C Better Nutritional supplement for an even higher discount.

Good-Dr C Better one time eye supplement for 14.95$ (+s&h)


Better-C Better Monthly eye supplement for 14.95$ 13.95$ (+s&h)


Best-Dr C Better monthly eye drops and nutrition supplement for 29.90$ 25.95$ \month


The Reading Glasses Lie book

If you have not done so already, click here to get The Reading Glasses Lie book or e-book on Amazon. First, bookmark this page to make sure you can order your eye drops and supplements. 

Kindle e-book:
Paperback Book:

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